Monday, 10 July 2017

Share your free vpn connection to pc

There's lot of freebies available everyday, same with free browsing cheats. Etisalat daily; working perfectly on stark VPN with other related VPNs and Glo unlimited (without ending); works perfectly on Anonytun VPN, Tweakware, Stark VPN and even Etisalat socialpaks. These free browsing cheats based firmly on VPNs and can be used with any VPN sharing tool. That's the reason an Android app developer decided to help out by creating a unique app specifically for carrying out those functions and tasks.

Before now, you could only use Pdanet+ to share VPN connection to your PC or desktop which some people claimed to be slow when using the USB tether option. Now, here comes VPN Tethering app that will eliminate any forms of poor connectivity and as well, save the stress from complex and annoying connection.

VPN Tethering is an app for sending connection to any other hotspot enabled device. Pdanet+ makes use of USB cable while VPN tethering make use of hotspot which will make it easier to connect. Additionally, hotspot speed is as fast as a moving plane.

Glo unlimited free browsing, sometimes fails to connect using pdanet but VPN tethering will surely do the job easily for you, without any obstacles. Let's go on activation.
How to Share VPN Connection Using VPN Tethering App

Your phone must be rooted and must have a good connection.

Firstly, download and install VPN Tethering app by clicking here.
Launch the VPN Tethering app, launch the normal VPN (tweakware, stark VPN, psiphon e.t.c) and connect.
Then, turn on your Hotspot and turn on Wi-Fi on the device receiving the connection (any device).
Go to VPN Tethering app and tap on VPN via hotspot or simply tap on the middle big button to connect.

Using this method will definitely allow you share your free browsing cheats on PC and as well, enjoy the maximum connection speed from your smartphone to PC or any other devices.

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